Upper West Side

This New York State AIA award winning project returned a landmarked 6,000 sq ft townhouse containing eight apartments to its original use as a single-family home. The introduction of a large central skylight, a two-story glass wall and a double-height living space at the rear façade, brought daylight to the previously dark internal spaces. The house contains a series of open family areas as well as unique private areas for each family member. The project incorporates innovative green mechanical systems including a geothermal well and radiant floors for heating and cooling. Its landmarked façade was restored and its original stoop, which had been removed in the 1950’s, was replaced. The roof of the house was developed with both an open landscaped terrace as well as a fenced area with a partial basketball court for outdoor play. 

New York, NY

Photo Credit:

Francis Dzikowski Photography

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