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Kindred Arch.Works is a woman owned architectural design practice with offices in New York City and Cornwall, Connecticut. Our work ranges in scale from detailed private homes to large scale mixed-use projects. We see each project as an opportunity to engage in a collaborative, design driven process, emphasizing a unique approach to each endeavor rather than a particular formula or style, resulting in creations with a strong sense of place and timelessness. We believe that architectural design is at its core somewhere between poetry and problem solving, and strive to create poetic solutions through creatively solving each design problem, from overall plan structure to the smallest detail. Founded by Virginia Kindred in 2016, the firm is an outgrowth of Redtop architects, where, during the firm’s 13 year tenure, Virginia was the principal designer of the firm’s award winning projects and responsible for its noted design excellence.

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After receiving her BA from Wellesley College and a Master’s degree in Architecture from The University of Pennsylvania, Virginia began her career at Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson, one of Philadelphia’s most noted architectural practices. Working directly with senior partner Bernie Cywinski, Virginia was recognized as one of the firm’s most talented young designers.  Upon moving to New York, Virginia was offered a position at Mitchell Giurgola Architects, was promoted quickly to the position of Associate and given the opportunity to oversee the design and construction of two classroom buildings and a library at Long Island University, The Smilow Cancer Research Building at NYU Langone Medical Center and two new NYC public school buildings. In 2003, Virginia formed Redtop Architects where she led the firm’s design efforts, mentored young architects, and fostered an environment dedicated to the creative process. In a continuation of her works at Redtop, Virginia brings her years of experience in design, technical know-how, and commitment to design excellence to the leadership of Kindred Arch.Works.

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