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Four Centuries

The original portion of this Litchfield County house built in 1750 used wide chestnut wood planks both as supporting walls and floors. In 1860 an addition more than doubled the size of the house creating the basic footprint that remains today. The new renovation of the house in 2009 began with a subtraction of alterations made throughout the 1900’s, exposed and highlighted the antique bones of the house. The new design reorganized the plan by gathering the serviced areas; closets, laundry, powder room, around the four fireplaces at the center of the house and unifying the new elements with a cladding of salvaged butternut wood, allowing the living areas to take full advantage of the light and views from the house’s multi-paned windows. The new elements are modern and clean lined and respectful to the history of the house.

Cornwall, CT

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